A Radio Station With an Advocacy

Here at OuttadeeBox Radio in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, we are geared towards supporting the prisoners and inmates of the Wisconsin Penitentiary. We aim to help them shine by providing them with a platform where they can share their stories.

Where Their Opinions Are Heard

Through our shows, we feature incarcerated individuals that are silenced due to the judicial system. Our station is committed to providing a way for the detainees to have a direct line of communication with the outside world. Additionally, we strive to highlight their unique talents and skills and share them with a wider audience.

An Internet Radio Station And Podcast for Wisconsin Prisoners

OuttadeeBox Radio provides a platform where the Wisconsin penitentiary prisoners can share their stories and thoughts. Through our website, podcast show, and radio program, we strive to connect incarcerated individuals to a larger audience.

Showcasing Unique Talents

We are dedicated to providing a platform to the artists, poets, writers, and inspirational speakers that are currently detained in the Wisconsin penitentiary.

Sharing Helpful Information for Detainees

Our radio station knows how hard it is for ex‑convicts to find jobs once they get back to the world. To support them, we provide information about resources in the community that would help them find employment opportunities.

RSS OuttaDeeBox Podcast

  • Dede Morgan November 10, 2022
    Support the show
  • Jarom Dillard Executive Director and one of the Founders of EXPO October 27, 2022
    This week we sit down with  Jarom Dillard Executive Director and one of the Founders of EXPO.  He shares with us the importance of voting and the role that expo plays int the inmate community. Support the show
  • Renee Moe October 13, 2022
    On this episode we sat down with CEO of the United Way of Dan county Renee Moe. She shares with us the history and future of the United Way. Some of the ways to get involved. how the United Way is helping to support the inmate community, also how she overcomes some of the obstacles […]
  • Sedrick Page part 2 September 29, 2022
    This is a continuation of our conversation with Sedrick Page. He shares with us the keys to success, and valuable life lessons. Support the show
  • Sedrick Page part 1 September 15, 2022
    Part one of this two part Series ,we sat down with Sedrick Page. Corporate businessman father entrepreneur television and radio host. Sedrick shares with us his keys to success and the power of mentorship.  Support the show
  • Sabrina Madison September 1, 2022
    In the episode, we sat down with  Sabrina Madison founder of the progress center for black women. She shares with us how growing up in the streets of Milwaukee and overcoming family trauma shaped her to be the woman she is today.   https://www.centerforblackwom Support the show
  • James Morgan August 18, 2022
    In this episode, we sat down with community leader, poet, artist, and musician James Morgan. He gives up more insight about his over 20 years in prison and his community contributions,  He also shares some of his poetry and wisdom as it relates to life on the inside and out.   Support the show
    James Morgan
  • Zack and Veronica from Just Bakery August 5, 2022
    This week we sit down with Zack and Veronica from Just Bakery. They share the details of the just bakery program and the challenging roads it took them to get to where they are now. Support the show
  • Dante Cottingham July 21, 2022
    This week we sat down with Dante Cottingham and a peer support specialist for expo. He tells us about his time  26 years in prison and his new life now in the free world.  Support the show
    Dontae Cottingham
  • Cheryl Knox July 7, 2022
    This week we sit down with Cheryl Knox, former probation and parole officer for 33 years. She tells us about her upbringing and why she chose to get into that kind of work. She also offers people wisdom words, with special guest caller Dante Cottingham. Support the show

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